Full-figured, plus size, whatever the fashion world calls it, you simply want a beautiful wedding dress that shows your style and beauty. No matter your size, your gown should fit you like a glove and give you the confidence to make your dream day a reality. However, if you find looking for a gown to compliment your fuller figure adding to your stress, check out these tips below:

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Look for a Stunning Wedding Dress, Not a Trend

When you’re planning a wedding, most brides rush to the magazines or Pinterest to look at all the latest styles and trends.
Do you know what can’t be found in any of those photos? Y-O-U. Your wedding day is all about you, not whatever the trends are in the magazines. The piece of advice we pass along to all our bride looking for that special dress – petite, full-figured, short or tall – is to find the gown that looks stunning on them.  A dress that is perfect for your figure makes you look, and more importantly feel, better on your big day. So, go ahead, get ideas from photos, but in the end, find a style of your own for your wedding day.

Look at the Fit, Not the Size

One of the top hints from our bridal consultants:  wedding dress sizes don’t matter! The fitted and full styles of wedding dresses make all numbers a guess on one element or another of a gown’s structure. It’s truly not important. When you walk down the aisle, a dress-size number won’t flash over your head. No one will know if you selected from a beautiful special sized line, which today produce some of the most exciting, elegant designs available. So do yourself a favor and do not get set of a certain size number in your head. Find a dress that fits you and forget about the numbers.

Look at Your Assets, Not Your Insecurities

This goes back a bit to trends, but often, brides have a style in mind that just doesn’t help her look your best. You want to find the dress perfect for your figure. While we highly suggest working with one of our experienced stylists when considering your wedding gown, here are a few general guidelines for curvier body types:

Large chest – More modest necklines that will keep everything in check no matter how long you dance the night away. Scooped, off-the-shoulder and sweetheart necklines offer great support for brides. If your chest is full, thin straps often accentuate the area, making you appear wider.

Pear Shaped – The classic A-line designs solves many a bridal woe, especially if you carry more weight on the bottom half of your body. Draped gowns, such as a dramatic Grecian design, proves another striking style to accentuate your assets and camouflage areas of concern. Typically, those with a pear body type look to avoid designs attracting attention to the lower body, such as mermaid cut and tiered skirts.

Apple – If your mid-section makes you uncomfortable, the best advice is often a simple distraction. Details such as an elegant neckline, color or elaborate embroidery details on a skirt hem or sleeves let you slyly direct attention. Also, this is a body type where proper dress structure and fit become extremely important. Look for dresses that create more of an hourglass silhouette with design and cut.

Look Below the Surface

Finally, what goes under a gown must work with your wedding dress. Our bridal consultants can offer suggestions on undergarment styles that will shape and support areas accentuated in a gown’s design. We help you achieve your bridal look from the inside out.

Have more questions on tips for selecting gowns that flatter full figures? Contact our skilled consultants, and let’s get started finding the gown to have you looking your very best. 

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