So, you found your perfect dress; the one that fits you like a glove and makes everyone go wow! Perhaps you’ve gone for a full-on designer wedding gown with exquisite detailing or maybe you’ve opted for a more simple and demure style. Either way, picking the right accessories is crucial to making you look and feel like the princess you should be on your big day. With the right accessories, cheap wedding dresses can look like couture and with the wrong ones, expensive bridal gowns can result in serious dress regret. This is your wedding dress, you want to look your best, so follow our tips for successful accessorizing and you’ll be an elegant bride no matter what your budget is.

1. Bling to Go With Your Ring

Depending on the style of dress you are wearing, a statement pendant or earrings can look really stunning. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and tend to be the stone of choice for engagement rings. However, not every girl hankers after a one-carat baguette and not every couple choose to go down this route. Antique and antique-style paste jewelry are popular as engagement rings, as are family heirlooms that can feature marcasite and other semi-precious stones. The main thing to remember, as with most other accessories, is to be consistent. Make sure metals match each other in appearance and style; if you have a platinum ring then a gold pendant or earrings will clash.

2. The Power of Flowers

Boho brides love floral crowns. Super popular for summer weddings, they offer those who like to go for a more natural look a fresh and modern alternative to wearing a veil. With every color and hue available in nature, there is no limit to the variation of styles that can be achieved from pure white orchids to forget-me-nots entwined with daisies and baby’s breath to give you your something blue. For those who want something colorful, dip-dye roses can create a crown that is truly amazing and can be matched to the bouquet. While instructions for DIY crowns are all over Pinterest, for your wedding day we recommend asking an experienced stylist to make sure you achieve the finished look you want.

3. A Splash of Color

Besides flowers, there are a variety of other embellishments from feathers to crystals that can be used to make your dress really stand out. Seed pearls are traditionally used to embellish wedding dresses but in recent years Swarovski crystals, which come in a range of clear and opaque colors, have really made headway in the wedding accessories arena. Whether used on veils, tiaras, shoes or even manicures, these tiny crystals can add both color and sparkle to your bridal style. For those opting for a fascinator or headband this is the opportunity to add color with sequins or peacock feathers; and for those who love their vintage, a colored sequined clutch can add drama Downton-style to the most traditional bridal gown.

4. Shoes to be Quirky

It’s not just color that can add an injection of individuality to your wedding dress. Not everyone is a fan of nude stilettos or white satin pumps. Taller brides may opt for flats or even pretty embellished sandals while unconventional belles may go for quirky kitten heels in leopard print or vintage-style Mary-Janes to give their outfit some allure. Some prefer comfort and, while those who choose to wear sneakers are in a minority, in recent years sports shoes companies have branched out into footwear that is both comfortable and elegant. With everything from white biker boots to crystal encrusted sandals available, there has never been so many options for walking up the aisle in style.

5. Wrap it Up

With many brides preferring strapless dresses, even with a summer wedding, an elegant lace shawl or gossamer chiffon wrap can keep you warm when temperatures fall in the evening. During colder weather, wraps and shawls in lace or wool provide protection for the dress and are a necessity to keep you warm before, during and after the ceremony. In winter, a fur or fake fur stole or wrap will keep you snug and can create a look that is vintage or classic depending on the style you opt for. An embroidered pashmina looks wonderful with almost all styles of dress and will ensure you stay a beautiful (and warm) bride all day. After all, no bride wants her wedding style defined by being the something blue in her own trousseau!

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Photo by Naomi King