You can’t please everyone. No truer words have been spoken when it comes to choosing your bridesmaids dresses. While you may not have quite the same eclectic bunch that appeared in the movie of the same name, unless you’ve ordered your bridesmaids from a Mattel catalog the chances are they won’t all be the same shape, size or complexion. That’s before you get to people’s personal tastes. Bearing in mind that there may not even be a consensus on the style and color of the bridesmaid dresses, whether you have two or eight in your party, it is important to remember that they are there to support you. After all if you want to be an elegant bride, you will need to have elegant bridesmaids. Here are our suggestions for things to avoid and things to embrace to keep your bridesmaids happy while shopping for their dresses.

1. Avoid Misunderstandings

Not all of your bridesmaids will know or each other well, some may not even have met before. With family and

friends coming from a variety of backgrounds it is a good idea to introduce people to one another before you start discussing the dresses. Take them out for a nice lunch, thank everyone for their participation and make sure everyone is on the same page.

2. Embrace Input

This is your big day but your bridesmaids will still be wearing the dresses, you want them to look and feel as gorgeous as you do (well maybe not quite as gorgeous!) or they’re not going to enjoy themselves. Ask for their input and try to reach a consensus where you and they are all happy with the style of dress. Happy bridesmaids make for a happy bride.

3. Avoid Clashing

We don’t mean that little bit of tension caused by a difference of opinion, we’re talking about color and style coordination. With your gown as the centrepiece of the wedding, the style of bridesmaid dress you choose will need to compliment and not distract from it. If your dress is boho style, you don’t want your bridesmaids in princess-style prom dresses.

4. Embrace Diversity

We’re not just talking equality here, we’re talking about style. One way to keep everyone happy is to have different styles of dress made in the same material and color. This creates a look that is consistent but that takes into account different body shapes and styles without trying to squeeze everyone into a one size fits all approach.

5. Avoid Garish Colors

We’ve all seen 27 Dresses, as a statuesque blonde Katherine Heigl may have been able to pull off canary yellow but for most of us this is a one way ticket to disasterville. You may have loved Sesame Street but do you really want Big Bird for your bridesmaid? Find a neutral tone that compliments most skin tones, not too dark but not too pale either.

6. Embrace Assistance

With so much to do in the run up to the wedding, we sometimes forget to attend to important matters from paperwork and licenses to remembering to inform the caterers that your future mother-in-law has food allergies. Usually at least one of your bridesmaids knows you well enough to take over certain duties. Let them. They’ll be as keen as you are to see the day go smoothly.

7. Avoid Comparisons

Try and avoid making comparisons, positive or negative, between your bridal style and that of family or friends’ weddings you may have attended in the past. Focus on what you want to be unique about your day rather than on any differences in style between you and previous bridal parties to avoid any unnecessary tension.

8. Embrace the Fun!

This is your wedding, yes there are parts of it that are serious but sometimes brides get so bogged down

in the details

that they forget to enjoy themselves. This is you and your girlfriends shopping for dresses for your big day. Some of you will have been discussing this since you were little girls, so make sure you enjoy every second.

Finally, remember to thank your bridesmaids for their participation and support, before, during and after the wedding. It’s easy to get caught up in all your plans but they are essentially there for you, so it is worth taking the time out to let them know you really appreciate their involvement from making sure you have a great bachelorette party to shopping for their bridesmaid dresses.

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