Today’s bride-to-be has a breathtaking array of wedding dresses at her fingertips. Taking their cue in part from the elegance of royal weddings around the world, many brides love dresses that incorporate lace, whether a little or a lot. It can take days or weeks – or longer – to pick the perfect dress, and lace, with its romantic associations, is a popular choice. Here are some things you should know if you have your heart set on a gorgeous lace gown for your nuptials.

Characteristics of Lace

It’s no surprise that so many brides want a lace wedding dress. Its floaty and intricate look give lace a unique appeal. Lace may be modern or vintage. Antique lace tends to be finer in texture with more contrast between openwork and denser areas. Antique laces work beautifully in ivory, cream, or off-white shades, or muted colors such as smoky sepia or rose. There are also many beautiful varieties of modern lace gowns, and these are often more cost-effective than vintage options.

Varieties of Lace

The open pattern of lace we are accustomed to seeing today has origins in the early sixteenth century, although lacemaking itself is believed to date back to Roman times. Over the years, many styles of lace have emerged with their own uniquely appealing characteristics.

  • Knit lace: Knit lace lacks a tulle back, making it soft and flexible. It flatters the contours of the body with ease.
  • Guipure lace: Also known as Venetian lace, Guipure lace is stiff and firm with no net background. Close, embroidered stitches form patterns that smoothly blend into the design of the finished dress.
  • Embroidered lace: Embroidered lace involves delicate patterns stitched tightly onto an illusion base, creating an applique-like appearance. Some pieces layer embroidered lace on tulle for depth and dimension.
  • Chantilly lace: Chantilly lace is well-loved for its defined outline pattern and abundant detail. Patterns are outlined in flat, untwisted strands known as cordonnet.
  • Brocade: This classic lace belongs to a family of richly decorative woven fabrics sometimes made using gold and silver threads and colored silk.
  • Alençon: This is a needlepoint lace originating from Alençon, France. It usually contains a floral design on a sheer background.
  • Eyelet lace: Eyelet adds a splash of boho to your dress, perfect for brides who prefer the aesthetic. It’s vintage and modern at the same time – cool and chic, just like you.

You can find dresses covered in lace as well as dresses that incorporate just a touch here and there. For example, lace at the neckline is an elegant and flattering detail for almost any dress. Lace can also be used to subtly alter the style of a dress – for example, lace against the skin of the chest for a seductive look, or across the shoulders for a more classic feel.

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