One of the most exciting and possibly stressful aspects of your wedding planning process is buying your dress. While you want the perfect venue and details, you need to think of you. Here are the top things to consider when you are making your wedding dress purchase.

1. Relax!

The first step in the process is relax! Enjoy the dress shopping experience. Check with your store for any restrictions on the number of people you can bring. Turn the experience into a day of fun and memories.


2. Find your shoes

first It may seem odd, but if you find your wedding shoes first it will make dress hunting easier. Once you find the shoes, bring them as you shop. This way you can get a true feel for height and an idea of what your dress will look like on your big day.


3. Plan accordingly.

Let the shock of the engagement settle in and then begin the dress hunt. However, do not wait long. Many stores suggest finding your dress at least nine months out from your wedding day. This gives you time for fittings and saves on rush fees.


4. Consider your location and the season.

When looking at dresses, consider your venue and the season for your wedding. Is it outdoors during a summer day or an intimate winter wedding inside by a fireplace?


5. Go in with some ideas, but bring an open mind as well.

Before you leave for the stores, do some hunting in magazines and online. Bring the sample ideas with you, but don’t forget an open mind. You may think you love one style on paper, but in person, something else may grab you.


6. Leave your future spouse at home.

Don’t ruin the surprise of the big day.


7. When figuring out the budget for your dress, keep in mind the cost of alterations.

Keep in mind the cost of alterations and accessories. Don’t go dress poor and have it impact the rest of your day.


8. Do not think you have to decide in one weekend.

If you need time, take it. Just keep the minimum rule in mind.


9. Schedule your fittings as close to your wedding as possible.

Ask the store to schedule your fittings close, but not too close, to your wedding. This way if things change alterations has time to accommodate the changes.


10. Bring tissues, leave the eye makeup off.

There is a good chance tears of joy will fill your eyes when you find THE dress. Leave the eye makeup home, but bring tissues for you and your party.


11. Once you make the purchase, use it to inspire you during the rest of the planning process.

Purchasing your wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Enjoy the experience, capture it if you can, and start the countdown to your day.


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